Welcome to the Chair’s Ad Hoc Committee Social Studies Review Website.


          In March of 2013, in response to requests by parents, legislators and citizens of Texas, State Board of Education Chairperson Barbara Cargill appointed an Ad Hoc Committee to review the Texas Social Studies lessons offered through the CSCOPE Curriculum Management System.  The Ad Hoc Committee was comprised of:


·      Marty Rowley, State Board of Education Member District 15, Chairman;

·      Mavis Knight, State Board of Education Member District 13;

·      Pat Hardy, State Board of Education Member District 11; and

·      Tom Maynard, State Board of Education Member District 10.



The review process was comprised of;

·      A public hearing during which testifiers spoke on issues pertaining to the lessons to be reviewed;

·      The examination of all 431 social studies lessons offered by CSCOPE for grades kindergarten through twelve;

·      Individual evaluations of the lessons by over 140 persons, including parents, teachers, business people, administrators and citizens;

·      The composition of individual reports for each lesson by each reviewer on a panel;

·      The compilation of a final report combining the individual reports for each lesson by each panel; and

·      The posting of the Individual and Final Reports for every lesson reviewed.*


More facts about the process:

·      Each Panel was assigned approximately twenty lessons to review from a specific grade;

·      The Review Panels were comprised of volunteers nominated by all fifteen members of the State Board of Education;

·      The lessons reviewed were those that were posted on the Texas Tribune website at http://www.texastribune.org/interactive/search-cscope-lesson-plans/;

·      The work of each Panel was coordinated by a Panel Facilitator who was also a reviewer of the lessons assigned to that Panel;

·      Each reviewer evaluated the lessons individually, and then the members of that Panel were asked to convene as a group and come up with a Final Report for each lesson they reviewed.



The results of the Ad Hoc Review Process are posted here for the use and information of parents, teachers, school board members and administrators.  They are organized by grade and course subject and are listed in order of Unit Number and Lesson. 


When a panel met and arrived at final reports for each lesson, they are designated as “Final Reports.”  When the reviews are from individuals only, they are labelled as “Individual Reports.”  


The Ad Hoc Committee was not charged with the responsibility to approve or disapprove of these lessons, and it makes no recommendations nor does it reach any conclusions in that regard.


It is intended that these reviews will serve as a resource for those who are considering using these lessons, and for those who are interested in learning what a cross section of Texas educators, parents and citizens have to say about them. 



We hope this website will be of benefit of those who are interested in improving the quality of Texas education.   




Chair’s Ad Hoc Committee on CSCOPE Social Studies Review

Marty Rowley, Chairman

Mavis Knight, Member

Pat Hardy, Member

Tom Maynard, Member



*Due to delays beyond the control of the Ad Hoc Committee, the review process was pushed back from the summer of 2013 to the fall of that year. As a consequence, a small number of panels were not able to meet as a group.  In those instances, the Individual Reports for those panels are included herein, but there are no Final Reports from those panels. 




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To correlate the Texas Tribune site Social Studies lesson numbers with the CSCOPE reviews, see the following explanation: 



     As an example, the Kindergarten lessons are numbered “SS00K0101” which means that specific lesson is for Social Studies Kindergarten Unit 1 Lesson 1.  The review on the CSCOPE review website that matches up to that lesson is Kindergarten Panel 1, Unit 1 Lesson 1. 


     The next lesson on the Texas Tribune site is numbered “SS00K0102.”  The CSCOPE review that matches up to that lesson is Kindergarten Panel 1, Unit 1, Lesson 2.  “SS00K0103” corresponds to CSCOPE review Kindergarten Panel 1, Unit 1, Lesson 3, and so on. 


     Since each grade/course was reviewed by two panels, generally the reviews of the first 15 to 20 lessons are on the Panel 1 pages for each grade and the second half of the lessons are on the Panel 2 pages.


     U.S. History, World History, World Geography, Economics and Government follow the same numbering system on the Texas Tribune site, but use the initials US, WH, WG, ECO and GOV to designate those courses.